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Dr Marie Louise Baricako is also a member of the Executive Board and a founding member of FEMWISE  Africa  (AU Women's Mediating Network) and a member of the African Women's Leaders Network (AWLN).


She is a member of the International Leadership Foundation  (ILF), member of the ILF’s Global Board of Directors since 2013, a member of the Board of Directors of ILF Africa since 2016 and a Chairman of the Board of Directors of ILF Burundi since 2013.


Dr Marie Louise Baricako coordinates the Burundi Action Group (BAG), an initiative of regional and international NGOs that advocate for peace, security and human rights in Africa and Burundi in particular.


Dr Marie Louise Baricako was a member of the UN Secretary-General's High-Level Panel on Peace Operations (2014-2015).


She chaired the Board of Directors of Women Africa Solidarity (FAS) (1996-2011), Executive Director of FAS (2012-2013).


She began her teaching career at the University of Burundi.


Dr. Marie Louise Baricako

Mouvement Inamahoro

Women and Girls for Peace and Security