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Since April 2015, the Burundian issue has been at the centre of regional African discussions aimed at finding a peaceful solution to the current crisis. The Movement of Women and Girls for Peace and Security in Burundi participated in most international meetings, seminars and conferences to advocate for a peaceful resolution of the crisis and the restoration of the rule of law. Thus, the movement has consistently recommended the importance of unconditional, transparent and inclusive negotiations.


Below are the recommendations of the Mouvement Inamahoro since 2015:

  • The ceasefire and the immediate cessation of violence, as well as the protection of Burundian populations, especially those living in Bujumbura neighborhoods who participated in the protests, and internal displaced persons threatened by the Imbonerakure supported by some administrative and security officials, before the negotiations were held;

  • The identification and invitation to inter-Burundian dialogue of all parties to the conflict;

  • Demand the Government's unconditional release of all political and public prisoners;

  • The dismantling and disarmament of all militias;

  • The establishment of international commissions of inquiry into crimes committed in Burundi since April 2015;

  • To preserve Arusha's achievements and to ensure that Arusha II does not renew exclusion, injustice or impunity;

  • Finally, take the time necessary to deeply analyze the Burundian conflict in order to identify the real problems that threaten peace and development in that country and to find lasting solutions for them.

  • Re-authorize independent media to operate to inform citizens about the ins and outs of the peace process.

  • Ensure gender parity in participation in peace negotiations.


Strengthening the capacity of Mouvement Inamahoro members

This allows them to play their full role as leading actors in promoting peace and security. Mouvement Inamahoro members are diversity-rich Burundian women, as they emerge from all regions of Burundi and the diaspora, from all ethnic groups and with political backgrounds, diverse religious beliefs and a variety of skills and experience. In their diversity, they have one thing in common: the same passion for Burundi's return to peace, democracy, good governance and the rule of law. In this context, the Mouvement Inamahoro - Women and Girls for Peace and Security is keen to strengthen the capacity of its members to:

  • Strengthen rationality and harmony in the use of advocacy tools, namely communication, facilitation and political-social analysis of the crisis;

  • Support and evaluate the implementation of Mouvement Inamahoro's strategic objectives;

  • Train movement members on certain concepts of conflict resolution and management;

  • Maintain reflection and strategy development in line with the evolution of the crisis.


The Barundikazi of the Mouvement Inamahoro must ensure that women and girls are actively involved in all processes of crisis resolution: The process of inter-Burundian dialogue but also and above all in citizen awareness efforts aimed at an advent of a new era for the country: An era of democracy, ethical leadership, respect for laws and socio-cultural values. An era of peace..

  • Driven by the ideology of resistance to oppression that presided over the birth of the movement and which still guides it today, they must participate in initiating a true revolution of consciences so essential to lasting change.

In addition, last year marked 20 years since the UN General Assembly adopted Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security, which calls for the inclusion of women at all levels of the peace process and peace-building efforts. To play an effective role, the women of Mouvement Inamahoro need to organize, develop strategies, and strengthen their capacity and networking.