mouvement inamahoro

women & girls for peace and security

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our vision

A peaceful, dignified and prosperous nation where women and men take equal responsibility for its governance and sustainable development.

our values
  • The Ubuntu,

  • Integrity,

  • Tolerance,

  • Transparency,

  • Patriotism,

  • Solidarity,

  • The stagecoach.

our mission

Influence and catalyze policies, strategies and programmes for peacemaking, rule of law, good governance and sustainable development with effective participation of the Barundikazi.

culture values

Promoting and safeguarding the cultural values that form the foundations of Burundian society

prevention and protection

Promote respect and protection of human rights in general and women's rights in particular.

women participation

Ensure the systematic and equal participation of women in all national and international decision-making bodies and in all mechanisms for dialogue on peace and security in Burundi.

peace and reconciliation

Participate in the restoration of a constitutionally respectful rule of law and the Arusha Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation.


"No sustainable development is possible without women, peace and security."

Marie-Louise Baricako

Join us

To support Peace and Security in Burundi.